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Precious Moments

Precious moments are normally associated with figurines and baby memorabilia, but I’m not writing about those. I’m actually referring to each moment of our lives. Every moment is precious and life can end as quickly as it began. Just this week we were having a moment of prayer for Christ For Kids, when we saw what could have been a fatal accident. An unattended child no more than 6 years of age, ran out into the street. A car had to slam on their breaks and swerve to avoid hitting the child.

We of course, got involved. We were able to track down the mother who left her children unattended in a vehicle. All the while, she was sitting in a restaurant having lunch with a group. I’m sure the mothers thinking was that the kids would obey, and stay in a car, while she ate lunch. That is not what happened, rather, she almost lost her child in an instant.

It’s easy to judge and say well she’s just a terrible mom with bad judgement. Maybe so, we don’t really know. There are so many reasons and speculations we could infer. The important thing to do in that moment was not figure out the why, but to take action, and get the child out of the road.

A few moments after we resolved that situation, we went back out and saw a different mother holding a young child’s hand to cross that busy street. The difference was uncanny from what we had just witnessed. It was easy to see God in this.

Much like the kid with no supervision, we do what looks like fun to us at the time, not aware of the danger. I’m sure that 6 year old thought it would be fun to run in the road, totally oblivious to the danger that was lurking. We oftentimes, wind up in messes because of bad decisions we make, either with or without full knowledge. But when we ask for help and look to our loving God who cares deeply for us, He’s always there to lead us in the way we should go. Like the loving mother holding her child’s hand.

Don’t be afraid to turn to Him today, maybe even say a prayer of thanks for the moments we have actually survived. Why stop there though? Let’s also ask for guidance in the way we should go from here on out. It won’t be long, before we too can see the guidance in our life, from a loving God who cares! Be safe everyone, and let’s be wise, by consulting with God. So we too, can make the most out of the precious moments in life.

~From the heart and desk of Miss Julie~

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