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Parallels of Proverbs

Proverbs, an ancient book of wisdom, serves as a timeless guide that resonates across generations. As I delved into Proverbs chapter 1, its verses painted a picture of the essence of wisdom, discipline, and understanding. It speaks to the idea that individuals can acquire knowledge, intelligence, and a sense of justice, integrity, and resourcefulness.

This resonates deeply with the ethos

of our team. In our pursuit to serve those affected by severe trauma, we have immersed ourselves in comprehensive trainings. This training goes beyond mere technicalities; it shapes our values, molding us to recognize what constitutes good conduct, especially in challenging circumstances.

Listening and understanding stand as pillars of our approach. We recognize that to truly help, one must first seek to understand. This goes hand in hand with the Proverbs' emphasis on wisdom and understanding, reminding us that the most profound acts of kindness often start with a listening ear.

I am grateful for the team that surrounds me—a group of dedicated individuals who not only crave knowledge and wisdom but also possess the empathy to understand traumatic experiences. They embody the principles outlined in Proverbs..

It truly is essential to remember that traumatic experiences do not equal identity. Our mission remains rooted in restorative and hope-filled practices, aiming to uplift and empower those we serve.

On a personal note, witnessing our team's actions align so beautifully with the teachings of Proverbs fills me with great joy. It serves as a testament to our collective commitment to wisdom, understanding, and compassionate service.

As we journey forward, let us continue to grow and learn together. Let our actions reflect the wisdom of Proverbs, ensuring that we provide the best services not only for our school community but also for all those we encounter beyond its walls.

From the desk of

~Miss Julie~

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