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Cult Life

Cult life is brutal. It’s an insidious, slow methodical process to brainwash and bring someone under control. It’s not something where you wake up and say gees, I think I’ll join a cult today. It‘s very predatorial in nature. Cult leaders look for people with vulnerabilities, and meet those needs, always with strings attached. Albeit, money, sex, and or major lifestyle changes as it was in my case. Having what I thought, was a safe place to live, after getting out of a bad relationship, the brainwashing began. It started with me being asked to look at everything my parents may have done to raise me as a bad decision maker. I was told over and over how my parents set me up for failure. The thoughts that were being planted in my head were slowly causing division and separation from my parents. The only people that loved and cared for me the most. The leader was creating a counterfeit family dynamic. Claiming God brought me to her. She would repeatedly say she was my true mother in the Lord. It didn’t take long before I was totally separated from family, anyone that could help me really. I was told what to do as it’s what God wanted for my life. If I didn’t obey, I‘d be running the risk of God throwing me out like a piece of trash. I wanted to be pleasing to God, but I was a vulnerable young woman believing the lies I was fed. I began to think this leader was the mouth piece for God. This is how cult life started. I would be trapped in a state of fear and obeying this leader for the next 14 years of my life. Thank God there is freedom!

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