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Your Story Matters

Updated: Jun 25

I love to read. I love the cinema. I love stories. Good stories are built by the depths of character development. They have the power to transport us to different realities, challenge our beliefs, and open us to new possibilities. In the previous blog post I shared a quote from a novel by Kate Morton. When I read the description of one of the characters in the book (Lauren), I was reminded of Julie’s bright light and big personality. 

Another character trait I admire about Miss Julie is her optimism and hope. I think Miss Julie would tell you her hope and “luck” comes from her relationship with the Lord. Some may agree, others may say it is their hard work and drive, or perhaps their good luck charms. Whatever the case, a person tells and retells a story to themselves that drives the narrative of their lives. And, it is always powerful. 

Your story is as strong and powerful as Miss Julie’s. Your story matters. How are you telling it and who are you telling it to? 

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