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You Are A Miracle

Did you know you are a miracle? There are millions of people walking the earth, and I’d argue all of them are miracles. You have a mind to create, to choose, to think, to make any decision you want. That in itself, is a Miracle. The Webster definition of Miracle is an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. 2 An extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.

That is you!

When I was in the cult, we were told everything was wrong with us. It was a means to keep us in self doubt, and under control. We always wondered if we would ever be good enough. We were taught if we didn’t do things the right way, (whatever that meant) it was determined by the leader and her phone call that day. We would and could be thrown out like the trash if we didn’t obey. It kept us in a constant state of anxiety and living in fear.

We were not treated like the precious beings we really are! After breaking away, The Lord has allowed me to help others who have been tossed out by groups and families. He has asked me to help others who have been in bondage and brainwashed from human trafficking, and He has led me to help people who feel less than because of how they have been treated by others. Once I began to realize my life is a miracle, and I get to do miraculous things for others. I soon began to realize other people are miracles too. Together we can do outstanding and powerful things to make a world of difference for so many. Please embrace the fact that you are a living breathing miracle. You can truly do miraculous things with your time here on this earth. Don't waste one more day feeling less than. Because, God loves you, and wants you to know, there is so much that is right with you! Don’t be afraid or ashamed to know you are His miracle too!

~From the heart and desk of Miss Julie~

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