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What’s in a name?

Here’s the deal, God’s name was used in a manipulative, and horrible way, all to keep me brainwashed, and in a prison without walls for 14 years of my life.

I was living in a constant state of fear, and was emotionally abused in the name of Christ. I had a pit of fear living in my stomach all the time. Anxiety would grip me every time the phone would ring. I knew when I picked up the phone, I would be berated for something I had done to upset God again…..

This bleakness literally brought me to a place to question why was I even alive? I began to question, If I was so horrible, and so displeasing to God, why did he even continue to let me live? It was in that moment when Jesus literally showed up and revealed himself to me. He established a long lasting relationship with me, and in time, set me free. Free from the lies that had been instilled by the leader of this cult over those 14 years of my life.

Christ For Kids exists to teach children at a young age who Jesus really is, and how to establish the kind of relationship with Him that will help kids know and grow their own relationship with Him. We give children the tools necessary to know when they are being manipulated and even groomed, for controlling purposes. Christ is really for these kids, I have dedicated my life to helping children combat the evils out there that try to brainwash, control, and exploit the vulnerable, usually kids.

So the next time you wonder about our name Christ For Kids, know it is what it is! Christ is for Kids and He Always will be! Others may try to harm you, but He will always set you free, it’s who He is and what He does!

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