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In her podcast, Julie discussed part 3 of her Invitation to the Table.

Her talk led me to ask myself, “How do I show up to the table? What do I want to receive when I arrive? Do I want connectedness or do I just want to get through the meal without nourishing my spirit? 

A few answers bubbled up to meet my questions.  If my heart is looking to join with God or others, l’ll have to challenge myself to be vulnerable because in order for part/person A to connect to part/person B there needs to be a link between the two. So, how vulnerable am I when I feel anxious, insecure, or unworthy? Do I open up and expose myself in the face of uncertainty and risk rejection? 

I hope to empower you as I have myself with these questions. When I feel isolated I can compound the feeling, by prohibiting connection to others. I know I have stunted relationships when I have been too afraid to share my true self, including my emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

If you would like to learn more about what maybe holding you back from authentic connection with others, researcher and author,  Brené Brown is a great resource. She has written and spoken about how to increase your self-awareness, build trust with yourself and others, become more transparent about who you are, accept flaws, and have the courage to face those truths with compassion and empathy. 

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