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Seeing Jesus

Did you ever have a conversation and realize you may have made someone jealous unintentionally?

Well that happened to me the other day. I have people in and out of the salon all day where I work and someone asked me about our Christ For Kids Ministries subsidiary Miss Julie’s School of Beauty. They asked me how I got started in Human Trafficking Awareness and the answer for me was simple, Jesus.

What did I mean by that? Well many of my clients know I was in a cult for 14 years and Jesus literally showed up, He started appearing to me and that began my relationship with Him.

I realized in that moment my client began to feel bad, stating, I never see Jesus and she began to question why.

That was easy for me to answer, because she never strayed so far away from Him that He needed to.

I was reminded of the prodigal son after running away and blowing all his dad’s money when he came back the dad rejoiced with amazing food and a party, (The fattened calf) we would call this a BBQ.

The son that lived home with his dad all the time, doing everything dad asked, didn’t ever have a party or a BBQ. At first it can seem unfair but the truth is the son that was living with his dad had access to everything his father had. He enjoyed daily conversations with dad and he had everything, he would never dream of running away or acting nearly as bad as his brother had.

When the brother who ran away and spent all his money and was left destitute came home, his dad was just so glad to see him again, that he gave him a welcome home party.

Here’s why, if dad would have met his son with anger and yelling, the kid may think I’m not wanted or accepted anywhere, and that may have led him to just run away again, or even worse, lead to homelessness or suicide. His dad had to show him he loved him and cared for him. The kid clearly didn’t know this until dad gave him a party.

Much like me when I was so far away from God and everything good, when I was so desperate to be home with God, Jesus showed up, to gently lead and guide me back home. Not because I was holier than thou did I see Jesus, it was because I was more Lost than thou.

So please, REJOICE if you have never seen Jesus face to face, please rejoice in the fact you are with Him daily that He loves you and helps you, and if you do see Him, Please know He will lead you back to where you belong with Him.

For more information on my cult experience and seeing Jesus for the first time visit our Christ For Kids Ministries YouTube channel, (honor you) series finale.

~from the Heart and Desk of Miss Juile~

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