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School Days

If you are wondering what is happening at Christ For Kids we are diligently working on opening our mission based arm and this is no easy task.

The Lord has called us into service to meet a very immediate need for Human Trafficked Survivors. This calling has required Miss Julie to go get a cosmetology license, and stay up to date with Social Work and Trauma trainings. Miss Julie is hard at work trying to get the school open and has become a trauma trainer herself. Miss Julie is also educating on the horrors of human trafficking, and speaking about the solution God has shown us.

There has never been a school like this before. It requires us to work at the state, federal and local levels. Please don't take our silence as not caring or giving up on the ministry side here at CFK. Our focus right now is to take the necessary steps and to remain obedient to His calling. If you are interested in learning more please check out our website on the link above. We appreciate your prayers and patience as we open and prepare the school for all the work that lays ahead.

With a most grateful heart from the desk of ~Miss Julie~

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Love it!! Such an incredible mission, led by an incredibly devoted person!

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