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Pink Hair Days

We have all heard the Social Media lingo depicting something about ourselves, followed with the phrase don’t care. For instance I would post something like Pink Hair Don’t Care.

Attention grabbers these may be, they don’t tell the whole story. I get asked often about my pink hair.

It’s important to understand, I am a business owner, I am the founder of this non profit and it’s subsidiary Miss Julie’s School of Beauty, I hold business meetings, and conduct myself in a professional manner, all the while having pink hair.

It’s not the norm in professional settings to have pink hair, so it’s no wonder why people ask.

I have decided to divulge the truth here on this blog as to why I have pink hair.

I was in a cult for 14 years of my life. Many of those years left me feeling very frumpy. Meaning I had no color in my hair. What I need you to know is, God’s name was used a lot as a way of controlling us. For instance if you were doing things that were not the natural way God made you, you were living for yourself, and deemed vain and selfish within this group.

For me, that meant no artificial hair color and no acrylic nails. I felt frumpy because I always loved the look of hair and nails. However, it was clear in this group, I would have to make a sacrifice and give these things up. I wanted God pleased with me. It never occurred to me, these teachings may be a form of control, nor did I ever consider they could be straight out lies.

Enter Jesus, my saving grace literally! When Jesus started appearing to me He was gently leading me to understand I was in a cult, and trapped in bondage. I was completely brainwashed for 14 years. He began to reveal things to me I could have never imagined. I share this entire story on our you tube channel honor you series. Anyway, once I knew I was believing lies, I said what I considered to be, a very vain prayer. I asked God about my hair, I told him how frumpy I was feeling, and instantly I heard His voice say, “there will be color”! I saw all this pink hair and had an overwhelming sense to go pink!

I went pink, as soon as I looked in the mirror, I knew I was set free. My pink hair is a constant reminder of my freedom Jesus gave me! Little did I know He was about to send me to cosmetology school, my dream since childhood, and that He would lead me to open a cosmetology school for others trapped in the far worse bondage of human trafficking. God directed my path, and He let me know, not only was it ok for me to have pink hair; but, I was even allowed to give other people different colors too! This was such a gift of freedom. It’s amazing to know I can and I will, always have pink Hair!

~From the Heart and Desk of Miss Juile~

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