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Updated: Jun 9

Hello, my name is Jen, and I have been a long-time friend of Miss Julie and a supporter of Christ for Kids. Our friendship solidified more than 12 years ago over the shared anxieties of raising our children. We had many long conversations about the strain, pain, and joy of caring for our families.

I think anyone who knows Miss Julie realizes she is a force; She has been “wound-up energy since the day she was born. As if her voltage were set a little higher than everybody else's” (Morton, 471).  Miss Julie has always inspired me. Not only because of her closeness to God, but also her heart. Julie cares deeply for others and makes it known through her candidness and thoughtfulness. She respects people too much to be anything but honest and I love her for it. 

God placed a mission on Miss Julie’s heart to care for vulnerable people. What is your call? We’d love to hear from you. 

Morton, Kate. The Clockmaker’s Daughter, 2018.

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