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How Do You Speak To Yourself?

Updated: Jun 25

Kindness and compassion are fundamental to nurture a healthy, cooperative, and humane society where individuals can thrive collectively and individually. Unfortunately, in this political and social climate, it’s hard to find examples of this. Additionally, I find it hard to see examples of where I am kind and compassionate without underlying motivations. Motivations like wanting to be liked and being seen as a good person. How about you? More importantly, are you kind and compassionate to yourself? I bet, sometimes the self-talk you practice are the kind of words and thoughts that you wouldn’t even say to your biggest enemy. I bet they are harsh, critical, and if like me, cruel. 

When we don’t treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, we often don’t believe we are worthy of receiving it. As with most things, to experience self growth we desire, we have to start with the relationship we have with ourselves. We can’t expect the environment to change around us until we change what is within us. No matter how much kindness and compassion another person offers us, we won’t believe we are welcome to the table of love unless we believe we are worthy of being there. Friend, you are worthy and there is always a place at the table of God’s love. 

To learn more, check out Miss Julie’s podcast:

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