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Going No Where Fast

Ever been in a hurry just to get behind a slow driver, or worse yet, a bus that stops every few feet setting you back minutes behind schedule?

It’s easy to get frustrated, and for some, road rage happens. Well this is where we hit pause. We are stopped anyway, going no where fast. Why not take the time to do something good for ourselves? Instead of flooding our minds with rage or anger, thinking about the schedule, we could reframe our situation.

It would go something like this, thank God I have a minute to myself. Deep breathing is always helpful and calming. The truth is you are going to get to where you are going eventually. If you are a few minutes late, it’s ok. After all, who hasn’t been stuck in traffic before. We can choose to get all worked up and let that affect our emotions. Or, we can choose to be calm and be kind to ourselves. Showing up late, with a pleasant attitude will get us a lot further, than walking in with a sharp edge or tone because of our anger.

In reality there are a lot of angry people out there. We don’t have to be that way. Let’s change our environment by making better choices in our thoughts and words one stop sign at a time.

~From the heart and desk of Miss Julie~

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