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Bucket List

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Have thoughts of mortality ever hit you? Thoughts like, what if I died tomorrow, or worse yet, what if a loved one does? We have all been faced at times, with moments of death. The Bible verse rings true in Psalms that we are but a mere breath.

Now I’m not writing this as a scare tactic. The truth is our days are numbered, so the question becomes, what are we doing with the time we are given?

Most of us are committed to helping our world be a better place, me included, and that’s a good thing.

Yet, as I look at my aging parents who are 80, I realize, I could bring them so much happiness by simply asking about their bucket list.

Most people have something they’d love to do or see before dying. When I realized my parents had one, I made it my mission to make their dream come true. I resolved to take them on their one vacation they were never able to do.

Leading up to this trip, I also realized, I am never going to regret taking time off of work, even important work, to make my parents bucket list dream come true.

Its a win win, I gain memories for life, and my parents happiness and excitement levels are elevated like that of a kid again.

What I’ve learned from this trip is to enjoy the time we are given, especially with the ones we love. Spend time with the elderly and try to make someone’s bucket list a dream come true.

This is dedicated to my mother in law Mimi, who heaven took the day after I got back home with my parents.

I can’t help but think God’s timing reiterated why, fulfilling a parents bucket list dream and honoring the elderly will always be an amazing thing to do! Mimi thank God we did that pedi before I left. Your feet look amazing to meet and dance with Jesus, I love you.

~ from the heart and desk of Miss Julie ~

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