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Bridging The Gap LGBTQ +

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

When I was in cosmetology school, there was a young man in my class. He was a hard worker, but oftentimes, I would see him crying all alone before school started. I didn’t know him, or his name. One day the Holy Spirit told me, ”offer him a ride home.” I obeyed, the young man proceeded to tell me he had missed the bus and would have had to walk for about 2 hours to get to where he was staying. He didn’t want me to see where he was living, as it wasn’t the most pleasant living situation. Yet, I wanted to help, so he allowed me in. When I saw the conditions these young men were living in, I knew I needed to do something. They were lgbtq+ young men all disowned by family members and were trying to make the best of their orphan and homeless situations. Jesus wanted me to help, He kept pushing me to get involved, so I obeyed. My husband and I started inviting him to our family dinners. When he shared his plan to move to a big city and take his chances there, Jesus spoke to me saying, ‘I love him, and don’t want him homeless‘. Dave and I obeyed the very real voice of God. I took this young man to the city, we set him up in a place so he had a roof over his head, we made sure he had food, clothing, and shelter; everything all people should have. That was 6 years ago. He is now living his best life, 4.0 in college entering into a career he wants, and in a stable, loving, committed relationship. I can’t help but think Jesus really does bridge all the gaps. Other people disowned this young man telling him he would be spending an eternity in hell, yet Jesus was speaking directly to me, telling me to help and to love and to get involved. Don’t ever be afraid to listen, show kindness and love in any situation. Jesus knows best and will always bridge the gap.

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